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Seattle Activist Wins Case Against TSA

January 24, 2011

On January 21, a jury cleared Mocek of all misdemeanor charges. “I feel good that we had police and TSA on record saying that you don’t have to show ID to fly and that you can use a camera at the airport,” Mocek told KOBTV 4 in Albuquerque.

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New Congress will investigate TSA scanning, groping

January 21, 2011

“We’re going to have some hearings and try to understand why they’re so enamored with pieces of technology that also happen to have very high-priced lobbyists associated with them,” said Mr. Chaffetz.

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Body scanner to detect drugs at airport in Macau

January 21, 2011

The Judiciary Police (PJ) will soon install an x-ray machine at the Macau International Airport to assist in the crackdown on the smuggling of illicit drugs inside body cavities.

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Seattle man on trial for refusing to show ID to TSA agents

January 20, 2011

The Seattle man refused to show TSA officers his ID with his boarding pass, and argued he has a right not to show it.

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Enhanced pat-down was humiliating experience

January 20, 2011

Let me be clear about this procedure: If I had had anything in my underpants, the Transportation Security Administration person would have known it.

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Woman, 82, complains over airport patdown

January 20, 2011

An 82-year-old Canadian woman has complained she was forced to show airport security staff her breast prosthesis in Calgary, Alberta.

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People’s Lawyer: The Gropes of Wrath

January 19, 2011

While the initial backlash against the use of full-body scanners in airports has faded, the decision by a Washington, D.C. federal judge in January to allow the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to refrain from releasing more than 2,000 scanned body images to a civil liberties group has brought the issue back into focus.

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